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some reviews for Stop Pretending
Saving Red is a thoughtful and moving meditation on what it means to be a good friend, to fall in love for the first time, and to have your own family break your heart. I love the way Sones’ verse carries the reader through the journey as though we’re riding a wave—We never know where it will crash down, or where it will lift us up gently—until it does.”
— Jacqueline Woodson, Newbery Honor, National Book
Award-winning author, and Young People’s Poet Laureate
Saving Red, like all of Sones' work, is a beautiful treatise on empathy and love. Through Molly and Red, Sones explores friendship, family, and mental illness in an original, heart-wrenching way. These characters belong to you—as your own friends—when you read their story, and the lyrical, gorgeous verse filling the pages of Saving Red will have any reader clamoring to live life more poetically. An absolute treasure, just like Sonya Sones.”
— John Corey Whaley, winner of the Printz Award and National Book Award Finalist
“A new book from Sonya Sones is always an event, and Saving Red shows why. This tender, taut novel in verse is both wise and full of heart.”
— Deb Caletti, National Book Award finalist
“Once again, Sones proves she is master of the novel in verse. Told in alternating forms, each carefully crafted poem comes together to paint a vivid picture of love, loss, and the hope and humor that's caught in between. Like the Santa Monica Ferris wheel that propels Red, Molly, and Cristo through the air, this novel soars and will speak to the hearts of teen readers everywhere.”
— Dr. Rose Brock, Dr. Rose Brock, Department of
Library Science, Sam Houston State University
Saving Red
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