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Saving Red
My name is Molly.
This book is about me.
I’m probably
the guiltiest person who ever lived.
But I’m not ready to talk about that yet.                                                     
I may never be ready …
This book is about Pixel too,
my almost human dog.
And about Cristo,
my possible future boyfriend.
Mostly, though, it’s about Red,
a homeless girl I met in the park one night.
She’s a few years older than me—
reckless and wild and more fun than anyone.
But if Red’s survived on the streets
these last few months,
it’s only been ’cause of dumb luck.
And that luck might run out any second now.
That’s why I’ve made it my mission
to get her back to her family.
Though it’s hard to save someone
when they don’t really want to be saved …
Saving Red
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