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some reviews for Stop Pretending

“Readers won’t be able to stop thinking about this riveting, shiver-inducing tale that chronicles the slippery slope from infatuation to exploitation and abuse. A wonderful novel, and an important #MeToo conversation starter.”

— Gayle Forman, bestselling author of If I Stay and I Have Lost My Way
“I'm a survivor, and in some ways this was hard to read because of just how well it reflected my own experiences back to me. But Sones handled the subject matter deftly and respectfully, and I think this will be a very important book. It’ll be really effective at helping people who are in the earlier, grooming stages of abuse recognize what is happening and get help faster.”
— Victoria Lee, author of The Fever King (Skyscape 2019) 
“The Opposite of Innocent does what a novel in verse should do—keep us turning pages until we don't realize that we have finished a work in one sitting. And we haven't even had time to gasp.”
— Paul Hankins, high school teacher and adjunct professor at Indiana University
What's this book about?
“Harrowing… realistic… quick moving and emotionally charged…”
"This novel in verse concisely examines one girl’s experience of sexual abuse in a way that is both timely and relevant… A must-have for YA collections."
School Library Journal
“Lily’s fevered crush on Luke will pull in romance fans right away, but they will notice, well before Lily does, that something about his attentions isn't right. In her signature verse style, Sones weaves a pulse-quickening tale of sexual abuse from a young victim’s view, made all the more compelling by her innocence and thrill at first “love”… A chilling portrait of predatory abuse.”
“The fact that Sonya Sones can write such beautiful and compelling verse, yet shed light on such heinous topics, is incredibly motivational for readers and writers alike. Anyone who enjoys contemporary romances, thrillers, novels-in-verse, or coming of age stories should rush to pick this up. It will grab readers and not let them go, all the while encouraging important discourse about topics that are too sadly prevalent in this day and age.”
The Opposite of Innocent
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