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Some Poems from Stop Pretending
My Sister's Christmas Eve Breakdown
I’ve always been in love
with Luke.
For as far back
as I can remember.
I used to climb into his lap,
throw my arms around his neck,
and tell him I was gonna marry him
when I grew up.
And Luke would smile down at me
and say,
“I’ll wait for you, Lily.
I promise.”
Since he left for Kenya.
But today—
he’s finally coming back.
When Luke left,
I was flat as an ironing board.
Now I’m more like an ironing board with boobs.
When Luke left, I had a billion zits.                          
Now I’ve only got a million.
Plus, I’ve mastered the magic of makeup.
When Luke left, my mouth was so full of braces
it felt like my teeth were wrapped
in barbed wire.
Yesterday I got them off.
Now my teeth feel smoother
than my iPhone screen.
I can’t stop running my tongue over them.
I’ve been smiling so much my cheeks hurt.
And everyone’s been smiling back.
Midnight Swing
I felt like
a caterpillar.
this blobby
waiting to happen.
I feel more like a butterfly—
a butterfly who can’t decide
which wings to wear. 
Midnight Swing
I’ve rifled through all my drawers.
I’ve even braved the spidery depths
beneath my bed. 
But it’s no use—it’s all too old
or tight or loose, or just plain ugly.
I text Taylor and Rose for emergency
wardrobe advice, but they don’t text back.
Then I hear my little sister Alice
clomping down the stairs in my shoes.
She’s always playing dress-up with my stuff
and “forgetting” to return it.
I dash down the hall and dig through her drawers
till I find my clingy pink top—the one that’s been
missing so long I figured I’d left it at Rose’s
after one of our sleepovers.
I race back to my room to put it on.
I shimmy into my favorite jeans,
swipe on some Kiss Me Quick lip gloss,
and pause to study myself in the mirror.
How will I look to Luke?
Will he notice how much I’ve changed?
Have I changed as much
as I think I have?
In Baggage Claim
My heart’s thumping like crazy
as I stare down the long hallway,
trying to spot Luke in the crowd.
I feel like maybe I’m gonna swoon—
like I’m the heroine of one of those
love stories I’m always reading.
And as I wait for my first glimpse of him,
my whole life seems
to hold
its breath…
Then--There He Is
Waving at us and smiling,
looking tan and sort of lumberjack-ish.
And even more beautiful
than I remember.
I snap a photo,
to try to capture it.
Then Alice is slipping her hand into mine,
whispering, “He’s home.”
And Luke’s rushing over,                                                        
pulling my parents into a hug.   
Was he always
that much taller than Dad?
Now he’s lifting Alice right off her feet,
swinging her around.
And now he’s swinging her
back down to earth,   
reaching for me, saying, “Lily… My Lily…
You turned into a woman while I was gone!”   
Oh my God.
And Then
wrapping his arms
around me.
And for a few seconds,                                               
while my cheek’s pressed
against his heart,
everything is perfect …
Monarch butterfly
Copyright 2004-. Sonya Sones. All rights reserved.