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What My Mother Doesn't Know
At long last, Brilliance Audio has come out with an audio version of What My Mother Doesn’t Know!
Kirkus gave it a great review:
“If Sophie’s free-verse entries in Sonya Sones’s What My Mother Doesn’t Know make her audience feel as if they’re reading her most private diary entries, then Kate Reinders’s narration will instill the feeling in listeners that the character is confiding her deepest, darkest secrets … “If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside every teenage girl’s head, it’s here in this book,” says Reinders. “Reading it was wonderful—like reading one of my old journals aloud, revisiting a younger version of myself.”
The audio version was nominated to be a 2009 Selected Audiobook for Young Adults by YALSA.
You can hear a sample of it here.
Find the Audiobook at ... or your favorite bookstore.
Happy listening!
What My Mother Doesn't Know
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