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Movie Star Sightings
Movie Star Sightings
Living so close to Hollywood, I spot movie stars all the time. Which is why I had the same thing happen to Ruby in One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies.
One election day, when I went to vote, the very next person who used my voting booth was Tom Hanks … A couple of days later, I was at the Ben and Jerry’s in Brentwood when Angelina Jolie came strolling through the door ...
  Palm trees
A few years ago, my daughter and I both came down with sore throats, so we went to see our ear, nose and throat doctor in Beverly Hills. While we were sitting in one of the examination rooms waiting for the doctor, we heard his secretary telling him that Lindsay Lohan was on the phone. We hoped she’d be coming into the office before we left, so we could catch a glimpse of her, but she never showed up. Disappointed, we headed toward the door, and bumped into George Clooney! He had a full beard, because of a movie he was shooting, but we recognized him by his twinkly eyes. Then, when we left the building, we saw all these paparazzi hanging around. The funny thing is, they hadn’t even recognized George. But they were excited, because they’d just gotten some great shots of Jake Gyllenhaal. A minute later, when my daughter and I walked into the deli next door to get some chicken soup, there was Reese Witherspoon
Another time, when my niece Liz was visiting, she said she wanted to see some famous people. So we decided we'd bring her down to The Promenade, in Santa Monica, to see if we could find any movie stars. We were looking for a parking space on the street, when we noticed a man sitting in his car. We pulled over behind him and waited for him to drive away. When he didn't go anywhere, we pulled up next to him and tapped on the horn to see if he was planning on leaving. He looked over at us and smiled—it was Sean Penn
Once, when I was shopping for some lipstick at Neiman Marcus, I thought I heard Marge Simpson talking. I looked up and there was Julie Kavner, the woman who does Marge's voice for The Simpsons
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