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This is a great collection of short stories edited by Megan McCafferty (author of Sloppy Firsts). But I hope you’ll wait until you're sixteen years old to read it. Because even though my own story, Cat Got Your Tongue?, would be fine for any reader twelve and up, there’s some pretty heavy stuff in some of the other stories.
Cat Got Your Tongue? tells what happens to a girl named Bria on her sixteenth birthday, the day she gets her driver’s license.
Here is poem from Cat Got Your Tongue?
  Levitating to My Sixteenth Birthday Party in My Brother's Mustang
  Shooting through the night
like an arrow on the wind,
we're zooming past the orchards
with the top down.
  Breezing down the road,
listening to rap,
my fingers have to tap,
have to dance to the music of the ride.
The car and I are one,
swaying through the dark,
awaying to the rhythm
of the drums.
  I could drive like this for hours,
I could drive us anywhere,
drive us right up past the moon
to the stars.
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