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Necessary Noise
My contribution to this collection of short stories edited by Michael Cart is called Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. It’s a story about a fourteen year old girl named Sasha, who has an “evil sister” who makes her life miserable.
Here is a poem from Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde:
  The Only Room With a Lock
  Lucy’s chasing me down the hall again,
like a fire-breathing dragon,
hands clawing the air at my back,
calling me words
I've never even heard before.
  I'm swallowing a scream,
racing through my bedroom
towards my bathroom door,
shoving it open,
ducking inside,
slamming it hard behind me,
and fumbling at the lock
with stuttering fingers,
till I somehow manage
to snap it into place.
  Now I’m leaning against the door,
while Lucy slams her fists
into the other side,
my heart fluttering in my throat
like a trapped bird.
  I’m sliding down onto the cold tiles
and reaching behind the hamper
to find the book that I keep hidden there
for whenever she has me cornered like this,
wondering how soon our parents will get home.
  She never hits me in front of them.
Love and Sex
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