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Posted August 21st, 2013 by Sonya and filed in Uncategorized

COALTOWN COVERThis novel in verse isn’t available until October 8, 2013. I’m reading an advance reading copy. But when it comes out RUN, don’t walk to the store (in your red converse sneakers) to buy it. It is original, witty, touching, funny, thought-provoking and deep. This book is so inspiring to me – both as a writer and as a reader. And also, as a human. I love this book.


3 Responses to “COALTOWN JESUS by Ron Koertge”

  1. Shianne Mills says:

    I’m reading The Once and Future King and What My Mother Doesn’t Know (signed by you yesterday!) When you told me you liked my poem, you inspired me and my new goal is to write a book in verse. Thank you. 🙂

  2. You should make part 2 to “One of those hideous books where the mother dies”

  3. Christie Ezovski says:

    I met you at the Santa Barbara SCBWI workshop last Saturday. I just read your list of novels in verse and got the names of lots of books I didn’t know. Thank you very much.
    There is one novel I didn’t see on your list that you have probably heard of. It doesn’t totally fit the verse novel form (more like vignettes), but the lyrical way it is written reminds me of what you told us at the workshop about choosing one’s words carefully. The book is “Sold”
    by Patricia McCormick. It is about a poor Nepalese girl
    sold into prostitution by her father, and all that she endures before she is rescued. It is exquisitely written.
    If, by some chance, you have not read it, you absolutely must. *** Thank you for a wonderful workshop. You are such fun, and the way you presented your knowledge made
    time fly by.

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